Neighborhood Liaison

Become a Neighborhood Liaison

Purpose: To create a conduit between Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7) and active residents who want to empower and improve the areas in which they live.

Responsibilities / Opportunities: (you are not required to do all the following items)

  1. Join the E-mail/ E-newsletter generated by District 7 and pass information on to neighbors
  2. Recruit residents, in your area, to join the “Adopt a House” Program. (Info available at District 7 office)
  3. Attend the monthly Frogtown Forum Meeting as often as possible and pass information on to area residents.
  4. (every fourth Tuesday)
  5. Assist in the delivery of Level III Sex Offender Notifications, neighborhood wide, when needed.
  6. Assist in the distribution of event flyers, in your area
  7. Work with District 7 staff to organize opportunities, in your area, for residents to get-to-know one another
  8. Attend quarterly seminars that teach how to navigate City process and procedures. (i.e. – Police Department,
  9. Department of Safety & Inspections, Zoning & Licensing, etc.)
  10. Notify District 7 staff of any problems in your area and empower other residents to navigate the City processes
  11. and procedures.
  12. Become more intimate with the names and contact numbers of the people who make decisions for our
  13. community.
  14. Rally together when anything is thrust upon our community without our expressed permission (i.e. – Crime,
  15. Development, Community Planning, etc.)
  16. Work together to initiate improvements to our neighborhoods (i.e. – Park equipment, tree & flower planting,
  17. trash removal, etc.)

Click here to contact us for more information or to sign up.

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