Meet the Artists

Conie Borchardt is a wandering minstrel who believes singing together weaves stronger communities.  She leads Grace Notes, a hospice choir, and hosts Sing Heavenly Harmony, a.k.a., SHH!, a contemplative aural tradition song circle.  More info

Molly Balcom Raleigh makes participatory performances using food and eating, acting, singing, book arts and temporary installation. She is a co-founder of the Prairie Fire Lady Choir, and works as the Development Officer for Forecast Public Art. She lives in St. Paul.

Robyn Hendrix is a visual artist in Minneapolis who makes playful, quirky drawings and watercolor paintings of mutated or abstract organic forms.

Talia Galowitch is a performer, Drama Therapist, and Youthworker dedicated to creating playful encounter wherever she goes.

Jennifer Johnson is a performance artist and Drama Therapist who loves to create spaces for encounter with others through play and the arts.

Annabella Sardelis is a printmaker who specializes in textile and lighting design. Her textile line, the pillowtalk project, features limited edition, one-of-a-kind screen printed textiles.

Shakun Maheshwari is a visual artist, folk artist, and photographer. Art is her life and passion. She has run her own art business called Shakuntala Design, Inc. since 1974. She teaches, does demonstrations, workshops, and residencies. She is a roster artist for Young Audiences Art and Compass.

Amelia Brown’s passions create a crossroad of service, travel, and photography. She serves communities in front of and behind the lens through her photography business Amelia’s Adventures. More information at

Bridget Beck is a sculptor whose work centers on the action of play. Her scultpures aim to trigger fond memories and prompt fantastic thoughts while building community. For more information see:

Rudy Arnold is a Documentary Photographer who uses the medium to learn and share stories about his subject matter. His passion lies in building relationships with individuals in the Hamline/Midway neighborhood. His most recent work documents a series of small businesses that build community in the Hamline/Midway neighborhood. For more information

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