Frequently Asked Questions

Bicycle/Pedestrian Boulevards and You

Below are a series of questions and answers about bicycle/pedestrian boulevards and the Hamline-Midway and Frogtown neighborhoods:

1. Question: What is a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard?

Answer: Bicycle/pedestrian boulevard is a broad term for a number of infrastructure and design tools used to make streets more accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians. They make non-motorized transit and residents the priority over motorized transit like cars. Bicycle/pedestrian boulevards can be defined as “low volume and low-speed streets that have been optimized for bicycle travel through treatments such as traffic calming and traffic reduction, signage and pavement markings, and intersection crossing treatments.”

2. Q: Is Charles Avenue becoming a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard?

A: The idea of a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard is discussed in the Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan. The Friendly Streets Initiative is using this process as an opportunity for residents to take part in determining what a change to Charles Avenue might look like. No plans have been made or finalized; the future of Charles depends in part on community invovlement at events like the CCFS Block Parties. Residents’ opinions gathered through the gallery and surveys will go to City government and play a role if a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard planning process happens.

3. Q: What does this mean for me as a resident of Charles, Edmund, or Sherburne?

A. These streets will soon see significant changes in travel behavior and traffic patterns because of the construction and running of the light rail line along University Avenue. The possible creation of a bicycle/pedestrian boulevard on Charles Avenue will effect residents- however, gathering your input means the effects will hopefully improve your experience on your street and in your neighborhood.

4. Q:What will the Friendly Streets Initiative do with the information gathered at the Block Parties?

A: The Friendly Streets Initiative will take the information collected through gallery feedback and completed surveys to the city government so that the opinions of residents can play a role in the re-design of Charles Avenue. Following this summer’s Block Parties, the Friendly Streets Initiative will compile the data.

5. Q: How can I get more involved?

A: Thanks for your interest! If you’d like to volunteer for another Block Party or learn about other ways to get involved with the Central Corridor Friendly Streets Initiative, contact Sam Buffington at 651-789-7480 or email.

6. Q: Where can I get more information?

A: For more information about Saint Paul’s Bike Walk Central Corridor Action Plan, visit:

For more information about the Central Corridor Light Rail, visit:

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