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There are many group activities that exist in Frogtown. Each one is organized and administered by residents, with support from the Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7). If you want to learn more about a group, join a group, or start a new group contact us.

Frogtown Environmental Justice League

This group focuses on the changing landscape of Frogtown.   As development around our neighborhood increases, we need an environmental watchdog.  Their goal is to “greenline” Frogtown. Greenlining is in direct contrast to “redlining”, the term used to describe how banks and insurance companies withhold services from low-income neighborhoods or communities of color. Creating green sanctuaries for inner-city neighborhoods will enhance and improve community health and the well being of all residents.

This group meets every other month:

January – March – May – June – August – October
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Issues include:

  • Use of Railroad Property
  • Expansion of Pierce Butler Route
  • The Future of Veolia Environmental Sevices / Land Use
  • Development of Light Rail Transit / Beautification
  • Vacant Building Demolition / Restoration

Contact us for meeting locations and to join the group

Friends of Ryan Park

This group is seasonal and meets at the Ryan Park Playgound on the corner of Avon Street and Thomas Avenue.  Members are encouraged to bring their children to play and discuss improvements to the park.

April – October
Every Wednesday
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

If you want to get updates on special Ryan Park Events and join the group, contact us.

Housing & Economic Development Working Group

This began as a committee of the Board of Directors of the Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7).  It has grown to be an open group that evaluates the ideas and development requests of our multiple community and private developers operating throughout Frogtown.

Much of the work of this group is guided by a set of community engagement criteria.  Click here to view the process for reviewing potential development.

Meetings are held regularly throughout the year.  Check the calendar for the next date and location.

contact us

An old photo of a firehouse and early hook and ladder truck

Frogtown History Corps

This group has met sporadically over the last 3 years.

We are looking for interested Frogtowners to join and lead this group.

We have specific projects, in process, that need community support:
Frogtown Conservation District
Save the Victoria Theatre
Historic Preservation Building Inventory

Please contact us, if you have time to give.

Senior citizens gathered in a park under a canopy

Frogtown Seniors & Events Committee

Several wise and experienced members of our community regularly get together to engage in fun activities and plan for exciting neighborhood events throughout the year.   This group is open to all ages, but focuses on the interests of our most seasoned stakeholders.

They meet every 3rd Friday

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.    
West Minnehaha Rec. Center    
685 Minnehaha Ave. West 

Call us at 651-789-7480 if you are interested in participating.

Other events include:
Frogtown Halloween Party
Frogtown Holiday Party
Frogtown Garage Sale

contact us

Logo with the words "Come Clean" with a abstraction of a hand, sun, stars, water, and birds

Beautification Brigade

Residents get together to identify visual improvements to our streets and alleys.  We also work on evaluating and improving City policies around sanitation.

This group is working in partnership with the City’s Come Clean Campaign.  To address the ongoing problem of trash and litter in our community, the City of Saint Paul Public Works Department is engaging community volunteers to clean up, beautify and improve their neighborhoods. This clean-up campaign hopes to create safer and more livable community environments throughout the City of Saint Paul.

contact us

Pint of beer in a glass

Frogtown Home-Brewers

This group is still being formed.

We are looking for interested Frogtowners.
Must be 21 years old to participate.

In October 2010, this group celebrated the 1st Annual Frogtoberfest!!

contact us

Frogtown Horseshoes

Check out the Star Tribune Video

This group is seasonal and meets at the horseshoe pits near  
Scheffer Rec. Center at the corner of Elfelt Street  & Como Avenue.

June – August 
Every Wednesday
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

The group averages 40 – 50 players each year, so sign-up early. 

contact us

Photo of Butternut Squash

Frogtown Gardens

This group strives to protect green spaces and gardens in Frogtown, and  advocates for green and healthy, sustainable development in our community. They dig, plant and weed.  They share the joys of urban harvests.

Click here to see their proposal for a state-wide demonstration farm, in the heart of Frogtown.
Frogtown Farm is a dream held by most of our community.  We hope that the owners of the 13 acres of land, Wilder Foundation, will help us fulfill our goals.

Start your own group! Click here to contact us. We want to support your interests!

Copyright © 2010-2013, Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7), 685 West Minnehaha Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104 – Contact Us – tel: 651-789-7480 – Operating since 1970.

Western Boundary: East Side of Lexington Parkway. Northern Boundary: Burlington Northern Railroad tracks (above Pierce Butler Route). Eastern Boundary: Rice Street. Southern Boundary: North Side of University Avenue. The boundaries of District 7 include Frogtown, but also go East to Hwy 35E and include: The Capitol Heights NeighborhoodMt. Airy Housing, and Valley Hi-Rise.


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